Special Halloween Event 
Victorian Wake & Dinner Show 

Cost: $49.95 per person / Reservations Required
SPECIAL HALLOWEEN VICTORIAN WAKE: Psychic Nites Psychometry Native American Tobacco Ceremony Dousing Rods - Raffle/private psychic reading Learn about crazy customs and beliefs about spirits Dinner/ Dessert and more.
Sorry to announce that do to an unexpected & unforeseen circumstance
we are having to cancel this years Special Halloween Event.
Those you have made reservations will be contacted and purchases refunded.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Private Psychic Reading Each person attending the event will be entered into a drawing for a personal 20 minute private psychic reading valued at $50. There will be two people selected.
Special Victorian Wake & Dinner Show
Communicating With Native Americans - Native Americans believe they can communicate with their ancestors and or receive advice as well as a deep sense of peace in the tobacco circle that is part of a pray ceremony. So--step in the circle-see what comes to you just like the Native Americans have been doing for centuries. This ceremony presented by William Mayor a recognized expert in Native American studies.
Dousing Rods - magnetic energy from the deceased person passed on in spirit form can still be detected by the dousing rods. Everything on this earth emits energy and dowsing rods have been used as far back as 4,500 to 5,000 years ago by people trying to tap into the specific energy frequencies emitted by certain objects
(Public Event)

This is a very special Victorian Wake event. You will learn about the over the top crazy superstitions, customs and beliefs associated with spirits that Victorians held dear when it came to those who passed on.
Come dressed in black as it was believed by the Victorians that the spirit of the deceased could not see you and therefore you will be safe LOL. However, since it is Halloween come dressed in your favorite outfit as we are sure the spirits will not mind.

Psychic Mediums can communicate with the spirit world in a number of different ways and Helen Mayor with more than 50 years experience is able to see, hear and communicate with spirits. Who is not curious who might be with them in spirit? During the Psychic Nites Helen will look out over the group of people and point out the spirits that are present, describe them and convey any messages that they choose to leave.

Psychometry, "spirit, soul" a form of extrasensory perception where by touching an object, the objects energy field transfers the knowledge regarding that object's history through visions or other sensory modes. Do you have a treasured item that someone might be attached too? Bring it along and you might be one of the lucky ones to be selected to have it read by Helen.
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