Cancellation Policy
Sometimes events and/or circumstances occur that are beyond our control (e.g. equipment damage or failure,
horse injury, adverse water level, towpath obstruction or “good old Ohio weather” to name a few). Because we
will not subject your group or our staff (including horses) to danger, we reserve the right to cancel your boat
ride in case of emergency. You will be notified as soon as possible in an effort to limit the inconvenience. In the even
that we must cancel, you can reschedule your charter or your deposit will be returned.
If events beyond your control occur and you notify us 10 days prior to your scheduled charter, we will refund
your deposit. A deposit refund is not available if the charter is canceled less than 10 days prior to the scheduled
charter date.
Note: The St. Helena III canal boat is still able to operate during light rain, without the threat of thunder or
The historic replica St. Helena III Canal Boat has four steps down onto the boat with hand railings on both
sides. Passengers sit on wood benches on the boat and there are no restrooms on the boat. Please let us know
if boarding assistance or other accommodations for disability is needed. Accessible restrooms are available in
the Canalway Center.
Let Us Know-
Please feel free to call with any questions, concerns or comments that you might have. Every effort will be
made to make your visit to Canal Fulton and your ride on the historic St. Helena III a most memorable one.